My friend is watching downton and she’s on the episode right before Sybil … well, anyway, she’s almost there and she’s so happy about everything I feel terrible for getting her into this show.

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McCoy dropping an ice cube down the back of Spock’s shirt at a barbecue

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Friends, we gotta start acting like one human family or the Vulcans will never reveal themselves to us.

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Okay but like bro she nearly had a panic attack two days ago over a gramophone do u really think she’s ready to get married
For real
In real life

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❝ Because the gates were just      open for one day, Hans and     Anna knew this was their only     chance to be together. ❞

❝ Because the gates were just
     open for one day, Hans and
     Anna knew this was their only
     chance to be together

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happy birthday to annabeth chase’s sidekick

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  • Percy: Whooo i can drink legally now!
  • Percy: *Goes into a bar*
  • Percy: What's the blueist drink you sell?
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