Badass fictional BOC (Babes of Colour), featuring Piper McLean (better than u), Hazel Levesque (most badass cutie pie in the history of fiction), Katniss Everdeen (even more better than u), Angelina Johnson (the quidditch master, better than u x10), Reyna A. R. A. (I can’t remember her full name don’t kill me and also she is a queen), Aibileen from the Help (my favorite darling), Cho Chang (because let’s face it aside from having to deal with her boyfriend’s murder and Harry being a naive twit, she was pretty fabulous), That One Badass Readheaded Chick From Wolverine (shhh I forget her name), and, of course, Lt. Nyota Mcbadass Uhura (the original BOC).

Done with the amazing and inspirational Andy┬áin mind, because she’s always been such a strong advocate of awesome Fictional Women of Colour in the media. I love you Andy, you’re a babe and a half.


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