So. A small announcement:
I’m currently sitting in a plane about to take off, on my way to live with my aunt in East Africa. I know I haven’t been particularly consistent in posting my art lately, and it’s because I’ve been so busy preparing for the move. Unfortunately, there’s a high chance that the inconsistency will continue. I most likely won’t have access to a scanner, at least.
However, I will still try to post writing and art as much as I can.
Thanks for sticking by me, guys c:
Much love,


  1. psicygni said: how cool! have a safe flight!
  2. retreatinglikethetide said: Have fun lovely <3
  3. katiadraws said: Ah have lots of fun though! Definitely will miss but go on lots of fun adventures. x
  4. therealsnapslikethis said: that’s so amazing. i hope you have comfortable travels!!
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